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Learn about our company, our management team, and what drives us...

Trilogy is founded by seasoned professionals with many years of experience in managed services to regional and rural wireless operators. We understand the unique dynamics of this market space and the current set of challenges operators face in rolling out LTE services to their customers.

We can help get you there in the smoothest and most cost-effective way possible. Our Diameter and P2P connectivity offerings enable network operators to quickly develop their internal and external operational processes, business policies and technical requirements and use best methods to monetize and manage LTE mobility and roaming, including the need to provide for roaming to non- LTE (2G/3G) networks.

DiameterIf you have LTE capability now, are planning to migrate to LTE in the future, or even have a need for your subscribers to connect with users on an LTE network, having Diameter capability is crucial to your ability to compete. Subscriber authentication, policy verification, logging of billing data, and session management functions are all handled using Diameter. In addition, Diameter also offers advanced capabilities for routing/load sharing functionality, congestion control, network management, integrated policy management, and inter-carrier connectivity.


Our Team

George Woodward

CEO and Co-Founder

George has over 30 years of telecom experience, including 17 years in wireless.
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Venky Swaminathan

CTO and Co-Founder

Venky brings over 20 years of experience with cutting edge technologies and strategy to his Trilogy LTE Services.
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Our Services

Three steps to LTE roaming and connectivity... Download the Trilogy LTE brochure (PDF, 450k)

1. Prequel Managed Services

Our Prequel Managed Service is designed to help carriers prepare their network for Diameter. We install, configure and integrate a diameter edge agent in your network and have your network “Diameter Ready”

2 Diameter Peering Club

Our industry-first Peering Club gets you connected to other carriers and peers in the industry. Your customers can roam in your peer's networks. Connection to IPX providers enables national and international roaming for your customers

3 Sequel Managed Services

Our Sequel Managed Service is a managed service to operate and maintain the Diameter platform when you commence roaming traffic. We provide 24/7 operational and management support for this mission-critical roaming function



The Main Issue

Much has been written about the benefits of LTE technology with few if any practical specifics about mobility, roaming or device interoperability. Trilogy has placed itself at the very center of this extremely critical but challenging networking issue, and we've based our solutions on the particular issues faced by regional/rural carriers. Our solution lets you evolve at your own pace while taking advantage of everything that managed services can offer.

Trilogy Prequel Managed Services

Migrating a network with new technologies is always challenging; migrating to LTE and to all IP platforms presents a unique set of problems. Trilogy Prequel Managed Services are designed help smooth the transition. We do the heavy lifting to get your network “Diameter ready”. We do a comprehensive evaluation of your Diameter needs and propose a complete solution that aligns with your LTE migration path. We provide Diameter Edge Agent equipment and other functions as needed, integrate Diameter into your network, and conduct end-to-end testing of all Diameter components.

Trilogy Diameter Peering Club

Our solution extends with our Diameter connectivity service, or industry-first “Peering Club”. We enable connectivity to other peer networks in the rural and regional carrier industry and fully manage the process with interoperability testing and device certification to each peer and/or IPX provider.

The Peering Club includes:

  • Help identifying spectrum-compatible and handset-compatible peer networks
  • Facilitating mutual peering arrangements
  • Establishing IP connectivity and Diameter connectivity between networks
  • Conducting interoperability testing for Diameter signaling and resolving compatibility issues
  • Conducting roaming/device testing

Sequel Managed Services

When your network is ready to carry commercial traffic, our Sequel Managed Services will provide ongoing support and management services for your Diameter components. This includes:

  • World class diameter platform provided by our platform partner Performance Technologies (if not already installed as part of the Prequel service)
  • Complete installation, integration, testing and certification
  • Automatic software upgrades to the platform
  • 24/7 monitoring and support for the platform
  • Professional services for new roaming partner connectivity and certification

Partners / Resources

Great services and superior technology starts with great partners

Trilogy LTE Partners

Trilogy's world class Diameter hardware platform is provided by our platform partner, Truteq Wireless.

Truteq's product range covers VAS bearers (such as USSD, SMS, Data and MMS) and billing products (realtime rating, Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agents (DEA), Diameter as a Service (SaaS) and Subscriber Location Function (SLF) element).

You can get more information about Diameter Routing here.

Diameter Resources

To access the official IETF site where you can find Diameter-specific documents (currently RFCs 3589, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4072, 4740 5224, 5431, 5447, 5516, 5624, 6733, and 6737) click here.

To download material on Diameter from Performance Technologies, click here.


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